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December 13, 2016  

Supplied by Sani2c2015 Administrator from Sani2c2015
The Ixopo based Rural Animal Welfare project recently rolled out the fourth of their popular sterilization and treatment campaigns, this being the second KAP sani2c supported event, giving local community members the opportunity to have their dogs neutered or spayed free of charge as well as inoculated as part of the project’s greater educational initiative in the region.
The initial KAP sani2c supported campaign was held in Jolivet at the beginning of 2016. They managed to sterilize 92 animals and further inoculate, deworm, deflea and inject over 400 dogs. The Umkomass Valley, heart of KAP sani2c, was the next stop for Rural Animal Welfare and KAP sani2c as they continue the good work they do along the race route and amongst the dog-owning community of these rural areas where little to no care is readily available for animals. For Mandy Haw and the KAP sani2c team, the value of getting involved in an initiative like the Rural Animal Welfare project is priceless. “The Umko Valley provided its challenges, however there is nothing a generator and a few strong head torches can’t fix.” Haw added They managed to sterilize 40 animals and further inoculate, deworm, deflea and inject over 70 dogs in the small community. “As the local people see how much healthier their dogs are following this treatment, we hope that an awareness of the importance of this is for the dogs will grow in the rural areas.” Haw said. “We want to thank all the sani2c riders who donated biscuits, medicine and animal products. These makes a huge difference to the lives of the animals and the dog-owning community.” Two KAP sani2c supported campaigns will be held per year. If you would like to involved in any way email mandy@sani2c.co.za To read up on the Jolivet project click here.