9-11 May 2017
10-12 May 2017
11-13 May 2017



sani2c massages are a great way to unwind after a tough day in the saddle. Studies show that massage increases recovery and improves performance in multi-stage events. (And it feels great!)

Massage Bookings for 2017 are now closed.  You may try and book massages at the various massage zones on the day but times and availability are not guaranteed. For any enquiries please email Kelly (Mckenzie Race Village ) -   kelly@strathfield.co.za or Claire (Jolivet Race Village)  - clairewyrleybirch@gmail.com

R280 per 30 minute session per person.

Due to the high demand for massages, changes on the day are very difficult and missing your allocated massage time will result in you forfeiting your treatment. Bookings are not refundable.

When selecting your massage time please bear in mind start times and batching

Day 1 – A batch start time 8:00am Day 2 – A batch start time 6:40am

Make sure you book appropriate times and don't underestimate the ride - it may take longer than you think.
No therapists besides the official sani2c therapists may treat in the race village.

We look forward to welcoming you into the Massage Zones.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do a team swop between events or a substitution it is your responsibility to notify us and have your massage booking changed, subject to availability. Also note that no changes will be made after the 17th April 2017.